Redhooknoodles Making (FREE) Hard Eerie “Losing My Mind” hip-hop beat {rap} Instrumental 2019

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QUESTION FOR YOU GUYS!… Who else is making content like mine? I try to go above and beyond when I drop a new video, Each video I make, I try and bring something unique. Another question… Why is youtube hiding my content? Im actually creating music and music videos… My channel has been highly censored for a couple months now, No longer in recommended or watch page and for sure my videos are not being sent out to you guys that subbed! My question is… why? I do not make mature content or bad content, I think my content is fairly kid friendly. I didn’t post a video of a guy in the SUE-IH-SIDe forest hanging from a tree and laugh, post the video for kids to see and make millions of dollars. That was someone else youtube promotes. I just try to create music for you guys! Sorry for the rant but this tactic youtube is doing to my channel and others is very effective for making us stop. I spend hours creating music and videos only for it to not be shown and hidden by the website. Its not you guys fault at all, If you aren’t getting notified or seeing it pop up in recommend or watch page how is it possible for you to click on my vid? Not possible at all. Anyway if you do watch the video and read this I need you to like this video, watch the video all the way though, post it on twitter, facebook etc… share it and maybe even watch it again. I getting buried by the system, Slowly getting killed off the website. {I need you to Like, Sub, Turn on Notifications and share this video because youtube is purposely trying to hide My content from you all!!!}
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Beat Name – Losing My Mind
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Redhooknoodles Making (FREE) Hard Eerie “Losing My Mind” hip-hop beat {rap} Instrumental 2019

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