Terminally Ill – Nostalgia Circa Yesterday

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The nineties have faded away… but we are still faded longing for a danker past or a fire (emoji) future. We are proud to present a eulogy to nineties idealism by the lost generation fucked up by their dope times. 90’s kids we introduce to you Nostalgia… Circa… Yesterday…

Huge thanks to: Kyle Cox, Tony Celano, Tomorrow’s Nobody, Rooster, Steven Galbraith, Mac McGarvey, The World Famous Doll Hut, CLEPTO, The Battery, Jutting, Jessee McComb, Sky, Chux Myth, Maynrad Brenes, Greg Siegmund, Cameron King, Gregory Webb, everybody who goes to our shows and the really cool guy who punched Ryan and Steffen in their faces at the skatepark! THE LYRICS ARE BELOW:

Rewind my VHS-taped mind to a time when Gex and Golden Eye
Defined my life and justified singing “what it’s like When World’s Collide”
I fantasize, reminisce days of 1996
Dexter’s Lab and Reel Big Fish, straight picking up chicks with my Tech Deck Flips
I’m waxing up the curbs of life to grind them with my Soaps again
At times inside my mind I’m Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin
I’ve surfed the shores to find Missing No. Stared at the sun at an Offspring show
Destroy my sweater, if you wanna then you better, pull a string from my leather and a watch me flooooow!

I used to be a pretty puppy call me Swaggy doo
Sippin’ Surge and eatin’ Lunchables since 1992
As a youth wearing FUBU cause I was a stunner
Getting dome in the oval office watching Homestar Runner
I’m a Blastoise and I blast boys when they talking shit on Street Sharks
Watch you die like my Tamagotchi and make it home by dark
Don’t act like you ain’t afraid of moms I don’t want to lose my Legos Hid that shit so perfect like she’s Carmen San Diego
Flannel over t-shirts that’s my shit got my light up shoes when I steal your bitch
Lookin’ like a hoe bro, you don’t even know though gonna look great when she grows some tits
Gonna have to start a Beast War if you a retard
Cause y’all collecting Pokemon while I’m collecting v cards

Steppin’ off the curb, Osirises on the pavement
And I’m craving Raven’s Revenge, never no love for Raymond
And I don’t always look back, but when I do it gets my mind shaking like a Rumble Pack
In the back of a Gamepad, plaid was a dope fad, Snap the Attack
When I’m reppin’ Snowboard Kids and Bagel Bites, talk about a perfect Friday night
Waking up to Cinnamon Sugar Pop Tarts and Rocko’s Modern Life
Cuz slangin’ Tang is a kick in a glass
But step to me in Pogs bitch, and I’ll snatch your fuckin’ stacks

Back in 1999 Dwayne “The Rock” vs. ManKind
People’s Elbow, took the belt home, Tony Hawk taught us how to grind
We were young, couldn’t manual yet. Mathcbox Twenty in my Mom’s cassette
San Andreas never forget. Grove street family, homie rep your set!

Cause everything was better in the 90’s
(That’s what they told me, that’s what they said)
Cause everything was better in the 90’s
(That’s what they told me, anyway)
Cause everything was better in the 90’s
(That’s what they told me, told me, bitch)
Cause everything was better in the 90’s
Or maybe we were just too young to know it’s fucked up

Nostalgia Circa Yesterday

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Terminally Ill – Nostalgia Circa Yesterday

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