Free For Profit Beats 🔊 R&B Type Beat 2019 No Tags "Hope" 🔊 Chill RNB Instrumental 2019

Nadie ha valorado esta base 🙁

●🙏 This beat use to be for sale and is now free! 🔊🔊🔊 “Hope”
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*Please note that a contract is not needed to use this beat. It is intended for people who require a contract to place their song on distro services. This beat is still 100% free to use even without it.

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I started this channel as an experiment to practice my skills and improve my production. Somewhere along the line I noticed the impact that my beats were having on people in such a positive way. Every day I get thousands of comments, emails, and messages about how my beats have helped them and how grateful they are. The support you guys give is so motivating in inspires me more than anything. I changed up my whole model and started adding inspirational quotes and messages to my videos in hopes that I can inspire and motivate you guys back. We as artists, producers, and content creators have so much potential and I hope that my channel can help each of you max out your potential and make something out of nothing. The sky is the limit! Never give up !

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●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●🤔 FAQ 🤔 ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●

● Can I post my song using this beat on youtube, spotify, itunes, exc?

A: Yes

● Do I have to credit you?

A: No

● Can I use this beat to put my song on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube exc?

A: Yes

● Can I make money using this beat?

A: Yes, just no re- uploads of the beat by itself.

● Do I need a contract to use this beat?

A: No you do not need a contract to use this beat. Contracts are available however if you are in need of one.

● What royalty percentage are you entitled to?

A: I don’t want any royalties so you are free to take all of them 🙂

● Are you the producer making these beats?

A: Yes, and sometimes I colab with other producers.


Free For Profit Beats 🔊 R&B Type Beat 2019 No Tags 🔊 Chill RNB Instrumental 2019

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Free For Profit Beats 🔊 R&B Type Beat 2019 No Tags "Hope" 🔊 Chill RNB Instrumental 2019

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Desde comerciales hasta Old school, en Rapbase encontrarás todas tus bases para producir los mejores temas con tus letras ! Bases de rap o hiphop, bases de reggae y Dancehall, bases de Trap y muchos más estilos que iremos añadiendo.

Esperamos haberte ayudado a encontrar lo que junto a tí podría llegar a ser un gran éxito ! 🙂

Un saludo a todos !

Esta web es un mero expositor, todas las bases pertenecen a sus respectivos dueños. En todas y cada una de las bases dejamos un enlace al contenido original del vídeo en la plataforma de donde provenga. Nuestro trabajo en Rapbase es recopilar tantas bases como podamos y categorizarlas para que puedas encontrarlas más cómodamente y a su vez darle más visibilidad a los productores.

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