R&B Drum Beat 80bpm – Backing Track – JB Songwriter Drum Tracks

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R&B Drum Beat 80bpm – Backing Track – JB Songwriter Drum Tracks

This video contains a basic Soul R&B Drum Beat track with groove pattern variations plus various drum fills created and played by John ‘JB’ Bennetts.

I created a drum loop with some cool r&b soul style percussion first then built the drum groove around that. I imagined a cool soul/r&b vocal track and played to that.

A bit about the history of R&B Drum Beats and Soul:

R&B Music came into prominence in the late 1940s with Cabab Calloway, The Harlem Hamfats, Count Basie, Louis Jordan and also others. The term “Rhythm and Blues” (R&B) was initially created in 1948 by songs reporter who transformed himself into record producer, Jerry Wexler.

Contemporary R&B (also referred to as R&B), is a music genre that integrates elements of pop, rhythm and blues, soul, funk, hip hop, gospel as well as electronic dancing music.

The style includes a unique record production style, drum machine-backed rhythms, an periodic sax laced beat to offer a jazz feeling (mainly typical in modern R&B tracks pre 1995) as well as a smooth, lavish design of vox arrangements.

Digital influences are coming to be a raising fad and also the use of hip hop or dance inspired drum beats are common, although the roughness as well as grit, integral in hip hop might be minimized as well as smoothed out.

Contemporary R&B singers are typically recognized for their use of Melisma (Melisma is the singing of a single syllable of text while moving between several different notes in succession), made popular by vocalists such as Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Stevie Wonder, Craig David, Whitney Houston and also Mariah Carey


You can download the mp3 of this R&B Drum Beat to use for writing a new song, including cutting up and editing as you wish OR for bass players and guitar player to practice along with.


If you use this R&B Drum Beat, all I ask is you give credit to John ‘JB’ Bennetts for the drum track on the CD cover OR album artwork OR wherever you digitally sell your song.

If you’re uploading your new song to YouTube, I would really appreciate a link to this Drum Backing Track 80 BPM video in your YouTube video “Description Box”.
That’s it! Enjoy.


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R&B Drum Beat 80bpm – Backing Track

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R&B Drum Beat 80bpm – Backing Track – JB Songwriter Drum Tracks

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